3 Tips on How to Deal with Baby Boomers in Your Workplace

Generations vary in so many ways nowadays given the age gaps that they are in. Millennials are managed in a different way. They have their own types of personalities. The same goes for baby boomers as well.

Here are some tips on dealing with baby boomers in your workplace:

1. Do not expect them to work all night.

During their prime days, baby boomers will work day and night to get their work done or accomplish a task right away. However, as people grow older, they lose physical resilience. So, when your body hits 40 to 60 years, it may not be able to pull a single all-nighter. Tasks may take two days or three.

2. Listen to their stories.

Baby boomers are older people that have so many stories to tell to the younger generations. If you want to learn something, you might want to hang with the baby boomers in your company. Know their stories and ask about their years of work experience of collaborating, leading, and meeting business goals. You will definitely get something valuable from them.

3. Provide mentorship opportunities.

Baby boomers have a lot of work experience over the years and mentoring is a chance for them to share their knowledge and expertise with the younger co-workers. It gives them a chance to prove themselves and earns respect from others. As a manager, it is your job to provide them an avenue to mentor the younger generations. Set goals and let them identify their mentees that they can supervise and impart their knowledge.

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