4 Common Mistakes Managers Make

Being a manager can be a bit challenging as this will require you to pour a huge amount of effort and dedication. In managing a team, there might be instances where you find yourself experiencing some problems and committing mistakes.

Here are some mistakes that managers often make:

1. Unable to provide or receive feedback. 

A lot of managers think that giving feedback or receiving one is just an option for them to take. But the truth is, feedback is essential to monitor the progress of your time. Feedback can provide employees an idea if they are on the right track in doing the tasks or not. Giving feedback boosts employee morale and helps you and your team members grow.

2. Micromanaging your people.

While some people find it better to micromanage their team members, this may not be very beneficial for them. Micromanagement will not give your employees an opportunity to grow as you always supervise them. Allow them to take initiative and participate in decision making matters. Give them autonomy so they can unlock problems while you provide them minimal supervision.

3. Not listening to your members.

Communication is a very important aspect in managing a team. But communicating does not only mean that you always do the talking. You always have to listen. And unable to listen will not hinder you from communicating effectively with your members. Not listening to them may also be impossible for you to gain your members’ trust.

4. Unable to set proper boundaries. 

In your workplace, having professional boundaries is necessary. There will be instances that you become great friends with your subordinates and if you are not careful, you or they may end up overstepping the boundaries you have set in your manager-member relationship. Remind yourself and your team members to avoid being over familiar with each other as this may lead to conflict in the future.

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