4 People Management Tips to Help You Become A Better Manager

As a team manager, dealing with your team members, their quirks and all, plus managing them is a significant part of your job, and not successfully doing it may put you into a lot of trouble. For a manager like you, people management plays a huge role in your company. 

Here are some people management tips to make you a better manager:

1. Start listening. 

There is a misconception that managers only give commands and are not obliged to listen to their people. This is not definitely true because listening is very important when you deal with different kinds of individuals. You cannot just handle them without even knowing their sentiments. People management starts with listening, as this is fundamental in making decisions in the team.

2. Always separate personal problems from organizational problems.

Issues and concerns are inevitable in an organization and sometimes your employees may be caught up with having to deal with those. As a manager, it is your duty to help them solve them. However, often than not, your employees might mix their personal problems with work problems. That’s why it is important that you discern the issues concerning your employees and remind them as well to keep everything professional so their performance will not be compromised. 

3. Learn how to balance criticism and praise properly.

Employees thrive when they get a balance of both praise and criticism. It is good if you plan to just give your employees praise all the time for their good work. However, when you praise them all the time, they might be frustrated because you will not allow them to grow. Do not give criticisms all the time as this may demoralize your employees instead. So, keep a balance of everything. 

4. Know your employees’ purposes for work and understand them.

Communicating with your employees and empathizing with them is more effective when you understand their purpose. You have to know what motivates them and what makes them happy at work. Having a purpose drives more people to excel at work and do things with great conviction. When you have a purpose, you have the motivation that people see in what they do and why they do it.

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