4 Tips on How to Deal Conflict In Your Team

When managing a team, it is inevitable to encounter issues and problems along the way. There are discussions that will lead you to disagree with your team members and when things get worse, this may lead to conflicts. There are also instances that some people are just not your cup of tea. 

And when these things arise, you might find it challenging as a manager to deal with conflict in your team. If so, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Recognize that the conflict exists.

Ignoring that there are pressing issues in your team will not help sort things out. You need to acknowledge that conflict is present and that you need to address it. When the issue continues, it may be detrimental to your future projects and even in your interactions with your team members.

2. Hear what others think.

When it comes to dealing with conflict, you may need to hear everyone’s thoughts about it. Listen to all their opinions and let them explain and defend their stance so they know that you have heard them. Giving them the opportunities to voice out their opinions may lead to agreement and understanding as well. This prevents you from drawing conclusions.

3. Write down the facts.

Listing down the facts that are involved in the conflict will also help you know how you can handle the problem. When each member involved has explained their stance, you need to write the complicated facets of the conflict and analyze them.

4. Pause and think of the best solution.

When everyone else is panicking on what to do, make sure that you take some time to pause. Pause and take a step back for you to think about how you should handle the issue. You need to go back to the facts presented and the points your members made for you to formulate the best resolution for the conflict you and your team are currently dealing with. You need to think thoroughly as this will affect your team’s relationship and performance.

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