4 Tips to Know When You’re Managing A New Team

As a manager, one thing that you probably are aware of is that you cannot just manage one team forever. There will come a time that you will have to deal with a new set of people and adjust to a new group accordingly.

For you to avoid having a hard time doing such, here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Know how employees like to give and receive feedback.

In managing a team, feedback, whether negative or positive, is important as this can help you improve your performance. It also allows workers to know what is expected of them. Personalizing how you provide feedback to your employees will be helpful for them to better understand what you are intending to say to them. Allow the employees to also give you honest feedback about your performance.

2. Encourage open communication.

When you are working with a team, keeping the communication lines can help you succeed in achieving your endeavors as a team. Communicating openly to every member prevents conflict and allows you to better understand their sentiments. Encourage the members of your team to speak their minds out and to voice out their concerns if there are any.

3. Have one-on-one meetings.

One of the ways to know each member of your team is a one-on-one meeting. It helps you build rapport with each employee. When you get to know everyone in the team, it gives you a better gauge of how you approach them and deal with their concerns.

4. Solve problems together.

As a new manager for a new team, shortcomings may bound to happen. While these are completely normal, it may leave you discouraged. To help you overcome the roadblocks in your team, brainstorming solutions together with the members can help you succeed in the process.

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